When you learn a language, it is easy to study vocabulary and grammar. You can even learn a language by listening: watching movies, listening to music … Having a lot of knowledge about that language can help you understand it and being understood.

But to speak it fluently becomes very complicated when you have no one to talk to. When you have an everyday conversation, the real doubts arise, and will make mistakes that have to be corrected. Besides, you practice what you already know.

With practice comes perfection

It is like driving. It is not just to press the button and start the engine. You study the theory, the traffic signs, the car controls … But until you don’t hold the wheel and get the show on the road day after day, you don’t really know what driving is.

The same thing happens with languages. That’s why in dPn we help you to practice a little every day. Discover our weekly bonuses.

  • With classes through Skype, as close as if we were with you.
  • With a native Spanish teacher, so you can learn Spanish without geographical accents.
  • Where you choose the time and duration of each class.
  • Knowing that those doubts and errors that arise in the conversation will be corrected.
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