about dPn

The dPn project was born to help Spanish students practice and improve their vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation. A language can be learned for many different reasons: Many times we learn it for pleasure, because we like to travel and being able to communicate opens many doors. But there are also people who need it. We all know people who have had to leave their country for work.

We know firsthand how complicated it is to learn a language that is not commonly spoken. That is why on this website we have created different sections to practice these important aspects of a language.

The blog. A space in which we upload weekly resources that will make you improve your vocabulary. We talk about specific expressions, customs or words related to Spain and the Spanish language.

Class. Half an hour of conversation to put into practice all that vocabulary learned. You will talk to a Spanish native about everyday topics, or if you prefer, you can choose the topic of conversation. While you talk to her, she will correct pronunciation or grammar mistakes.

AudioNotes. Unlimited audio notes for 7 days. You can send audios with your questions, or comments on the topics you want, and you will receive a response audio.

Contact. A form where you can propose new ideas for the blog, topics that you need or want to practice in the conversation… All that you want to learn about.

Support. In that same contact form you can leave us your doubts about the language. We are here to help you improve.

What makes us different?

Without underestimating Latin Spanish, what we offer is to practice the original Spanish. Without specific or local accents, the Spanish DE PATA NEGRA, genuine and authentic from Spain.

About us?

We are two women, also DE PATA NEGRA. We are Spanish and we are cousins. Haizea is responsible for the classes. Erika takes care of the web. Together we will do our best to make your Spanish DE PATA NEGRA.